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SlateSkin is a premier decor manufacturer in India, specializing not only in stone veneers but also in innovative 3D peel and stick wall panels. As a leading Stone Veneer Supplier in India, we offer products crafted with natural stone, using modern technology, ensuring they align perfectly with contemporary 3D wall designs.
Our extensive range of thin, natural stone veneer and 3D wall panels are a perfect fit for any project, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of spaces with captivating 3D wall designs.

Located in Rajasthan, the heartland of India’s famed stone industry, we have been capturing the elegance, beauty, and timelessness of natural stone in our products, solidifying our position as a leading decor manufacturer in India.
SlateSkin offers the widest selection of colours, textures, and designs in the industry, making us the go-to choice for 3D peel and stick wall panels and stone veneers.

Why Slateskin for Stone Veneer?

why slateskin

At Slateskin stone veneer, our goal is simple: to make amazing stone veneer the way you want it. You get great quality service with a great quality stone veneer products Guaranteed.


Perks of Using Thin Stone Veneer for your Project

Our stunning collection of thin stone veneer are a perfect fit for all projects from contemporary to rustic to classic. Thin stone veneers capture the breathtaking beauty of natural stone as it is.
Our stone veneer are extremely durable and last for years. The stone surface doesn’t chip, fade or flake. All products that leave our quarries go through stringent quality control, to ensure that you get nothing but the best.
All our designs are inspired by nature and capture the spellbinding beauty and uniqueness of natural stone as it is. Your guests will never be able to guess that you haven’t used the real deal.
The beauty of thin stone veneer is that they get better with age. With wear and tear, your stone walls and floors look all the more prettier and unique. On the other hand, if you would like to maintain the fresh quarried look, then you can simply seal the stone surface.
Our stone veneer are made by blending crushed natural stone with polymers for easy installation and application. The premium composite backing ensures that your stone veneer last for years to come.
Flexible stone veneer help you get the best of both worlds. You get the beauty of natural stone and the convenience of modern tiles. And, the best part – stone veneer product requires zero to minimal maintenance.
Our stone veneer cost just a fraction of regular stone slabs. Also, the minimal installation costs and durability bring down the overall costs of your project further down.

Best Quality Stone Veneer Products is Here

2 MM Stone Veneer

2 MM Stone Veneer is a new innovative thin and flexible stone veneer product for any type of interior or exterior application.

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Since its flexible and thin, it can be used on curved walls and partitions, columns, ceilings wet rooms, bathrooms and also on doors or furniture.

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Translucent Stone Veneer is an extraordinary design product. The incredible translucence of the stone can create an eye catching thrill almost anywhere.

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Stone Veneer applications

We have installed our affordable and long-lasting stone veneer panels in a wide variety of buildings across the India and Globally. Checkout our beautiful stone veneer application here.

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Why Choose SlateSkin As A Stone Veneer Suppliers?

Their are various reason why you should consider us as a stone veneer suppliers. Some points are listed below.

Product Range

Widest range of products

Quick Delivery

Quick delivery

Customer Support

Excellent customer support

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing

Excellent Support

Installation and sizing support

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SlateSkin promises to deliver a diverse range of decor solutions, including premium, high-quality, flexible stone veneer and 3D peel and stick wall panels, suitable for both interior and exterior applications across commercial and residential projects in India.
Each piece of stone veneer and 3D wall panel that leaves our manufacturing unit is a work of art, meticulously crafted and cut to complement and enhance your architectural and decor projects.

We stand as a beacon of quality and innovation in the decor manufacturing industry in India, guaranteeing superior, consistent, and high-quality stone veneers and 3D wall designs.

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Our Latest Offering - 3D Wall Panels- An Aesthetic Revolution

Embrace the transformative journey of interior décor with Slateskin, an icon amongst the 3D wall panels & decor manufacturers in India. Indulge in a realm where each piece is a masterpiece, meticulously curated to bring a fusion of traditional elegance and contemporary style into every space.
Experience the innovative brilliance that marks our latest offering in the world of sophisticated and engaging architectural designs.

A Canvas of Architectural Brilliance

Explore our revolutionary 3D wall panels, where each design narrates an enthralling story of artistic exploration. At Slateskin, we meticulously craft these panels to be the epitome of architectural excellence, each reflecting a unique blend of tradition and modern innovation. The panels stand as a testament to the vibrancy and transformative power of design, each carved to resonate with elegance and a transformative aesthetic appeal. Choosing our 3D wall panels is an invitation to a realm of extraordinary artistry, where design and functionality blossom in a symphony of aesthetic transcendence.
Check out our application ideas to incorporate our exclusive range of products in your decor.

Concluding Your Journey into the World of Elegant Spaces

Journey with us through a landscape where every corner echoes with the charm of exceptional design.
Let each panel be a bold statement of your space, mirroring the unparalleled quality and innovative essence that positions Slateskin as a luminary among 3D wall panels & decor manufacturers in India.

Explore the infinite possibilities and redefine the boundaries of design excellence. Dive into a world where each 3D wall panel becomes the storyteller, creating spaces that resonate with style, elegance, and an enduring sense of wonder and innovation. Choose Slateskin, and let’s sculpt the panorama of your architectural aspirations together.


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