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10 Reasons why Natural Stone is an Eco-friendly Choice for your Home Renovation Project

10 Reasons why Natural Stone is an Eco-friendly Choice for your Home Renovation Project

Today, the construction industry is dominated by several materials that are full of chemicals and other harmful substance. Both commercial and residential users continue using these synthetic materials, despite the global environmental crisis that is looming large over us.

And, the sad part here is that modern building materials that are advertised as recyclable end up in landfills. After all, have you ever come across a demolition crew separate and reuse these synthetic materials? A big No!

The one material that is always recycled and reused is – natural stone. Yes, natural stone is one of the eco-friendliest construction materials out there.

Still not convinced? Here, are our top 10 Reasons why Natural Stone is the best option for your home construction or renovation, if eco-friendliness is your top priority.

Benefits of Using Natural Stone for your Home Construction or Renovation Project

We humans have the habit of looking forward to the next miracle material, when the answer has been right under our noses for centuries. Let’s take a look at the top benefits of natural stone from an environmental perspective.

It Lasts for a Long Time

Though, we cannot promise you that natural stone lasts forever, what we can say with assurance is that, the natural stone you use in your home, will easily outlast you. Yes, this is the reason why natural stone has helped in creating several historical landmarks that have stood the test of time.

The beautiful Taj Mahal, the majestic Great Pyramids of Egypt, the mysterious Mayan city of Tikal, Machu Picchu are just a few examples for the endurance, durability and engineering flexibility of natural stone.

Since, it lasts for a long time – you don’t have to worry about replacing it often, thereby it’s eco-friendly.

It’s doesn’t contain any Synthetic Ingredients

Natural stone comes from the Earth and it doesn’t get any more natural than this. Whether you use natural stone as wall tiles, flooring tiles or for pillars and other edifices, you can be sure that they’re pure and there are no synthetic or harmful chemicals in it.

It’s more Affordable than Ever

A few years back, natural stone had its reputation tarnished due to the false myth that it was highly expensive. However, all that has changed, thanks to the recent advances in stone quarrying and other procurement processes.

With modern technologies, natural stone can be easily sourced from your local areas, thereby reducing the impact on the environment, making it an eco-friendly option.

It has a Low Environmental Impact

Over the years, natural stone quarries have been adopting eco-friendly practices. The latest advancements in technologies allow natural stone to be extracted without unnecessary damages to the environment.

In several areas, old quarries have been replaced with modern mining techniques, which have lower environmental impact.

Apart from this, natural stone uses lower amounts of carbon-di-oxide during the extraction process compared to other building materials.

Here’s the CO2 released during natural stone extraction compared to other materials.

Building Materials Kg CO 2 per tonne
Sandstone 64
Granite 93
Marble 112
Concrete 130
Clay bricks 220
Timber 450
Cement 830
Steel Bar 1710
Steel Sheet 2820

It can be Reused, Recycled and Salvaged

Natural stone can be recycled any number of times. It remains as stone even after “n” number of iterations. Unlike other synthetic materials like plastic and other harmful products, it doesn’t harm the earth when it returns to it.

Also, it’s a common practice to salvage natural stone from old building and reuse it in modern buildings, without any compromises on structural integrity.

It Requires Little to No Maintenance

Natural stone is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. No need for special chemical based cleaners. All that’s needed is plain washing with regular water and soap from time to time, to remove the dust and dirt on its surface.

It Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions

All commonly used construction materials like cement, metal and wood experience seasonal fluctuations. They either expand or contract with changes in the outside temperature. Sometimes, these changes in temperatures can even cause permanent damage to your materials.

Natural stone, on the other hand, remains consistent, irrespective of any changes in the environmental temperatures.

It helps you Meet Green Standards

Today, more and more buildings are looking to get green certification. When you choose to use natural stone in your home or office, you are improving the green standards of the building.

It helps you Enjoy Tax Breaks

Today, as an initiative to promote eco-friendly constructions, the government offers various incentives to building owners when they opt for eco-friendly materials. By using natural stone, you can get green certification for your building, thereby helping you enjoy tax breaks and other benefits offered.

It Reduces your Energy Bills

This is one of the biggest benefits of natural stone. It helps to keep your building cool during summers and warm during winters, thereby reducing your overall energy costs.

Finally, it’s a Symbol of Beauty and Elegance

Just because natural stone is eco-friendly, it doesn’t mean that it’s not pleasing to the eye. Contrarily, natural stone is a symbol of elegance, sophistication and beauty. Don’t assume that by using natural stone in your home, your space will look like something out of Flintstones. On the other hand, natural stone can be used to create beautiful gorgeous buildings that are modern and contemporary.

If you haven’t considered natural stone for your home renovation or construction project yet, hope this article inspires you, to give this beautiful and eco-friendly material a try. For any further queries, just give us a call at +91-9871732020 | +91-9871732020 | +91-9311677011 | +91+9311677018 or drop in a mail at