About Us

Thin Stone Veneer Manufacturers in India

SlateSkin – India’s leading Manufacturer and Supplier of
High-Quality Natural Thin Stone Veneers

With over 25 years of experience in building materials, SlateSkin today has grown to become one of the biggest and
most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of natural stone veneers not just in India, but over the world.

Our heritage in the building and paving stones industry and our location in Rajasthan, the heart of the famed Indian stones industry give us a
deep insight into the ingenious product range and the numerous applications of it.

For years, we have been delighting our clients by providing first-class reclaimed natural stone veneers. We have combined the beauty and elegance of
natural stone with modern technology to provide you with flexible and versatile ultra-thin stone veneers that are light in weight and light on your pocket.

Apart from our high-quality products, we also ensure that we provide our customers with the best service. Right from selecting the best materials for
your project to connecting you with the best installation experts, we help you in every phase of your project.


Why Slateskin for Thin Stone Veneer

Our Mission

Here, at SlateSkin, our mission is simple – to help you create your dream projects just the way you want it, with the best natural stone veneers.

Our Goal

To provide you with great quality and great service at competitive prices. We work tirelessly to source the best raw materials and craft innovative products that make your projects stand apart from the rest.

What Do We offer?

Make sure to get your free product brochure to find more about our extensive range of products.


Why you’ll Love in Working with SlateSkin?

Our motto around here is, “No job too small or too big.”

Whether you’re looking for Natural thin stone veneers in bulk for your huge renovation project, or just require a few slabs for a small, home decoration project, we provide you with nothing but the best. With a strong network of national distribution channels and a global network of partners, we can deliver your orders on time and with the best efficiency.

Also, we believe in being eco-friendly. Our reclaimed stone veneers help us to get more out of Mother Nature’s precious resources. What more, our stone veneers are highly durable meaning you’ll never have to replace it frequently.

And, above all, nothing delights us more than seeing the happy smiles of our clients as their dream project comes true.
Get in touch with our team today, to get started on designing your dream project with one of the most elegant and sophisticated building materials known to man!