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Effortless Care Tips for Corten Steel Wall Claddings in India

Easy Maintenance Guide for Corten Steel Wall Claddings in India

Come on, let’s all admit it – no one wants to spend their precious weekend hours on home maintenance. There’s nothing as frustrating as spending elbow grease on scrubbing and polishing. Worry not, this handy guide from Slateskin, leading Corten steel wall cladding supplier in India, comes to your rescue.

In this post, we list out all that you need to keep your Corten steel cladding polished and smooth without spending hours laboring over the task.

First things first,

What is Corten Steel Wall cladding?

For all those of you, who are hearing this term for the first time, here’s a quick refresher. Corten steel is also known as weathered steel cladding. It has high strength and is corrosion resistant. It’s made by adding various elements like nickel, chromium, and copper to steel. The distinct feature of corten steel is that the rust congeals on the surface, thereby preventing further rusting.

How to maintain Corten Steel Wall Cladding?

At Slateskin, leading Corten Titanium wall covering suppliers in India, our customers choose Corten steel claddings due to its low maintenance. While it’s low-maintenance, it still requires periodic upkeep to prevent it from deteriorating and falling into costly repairs.

As always, “prevention is better than cure.” And, it’s so true for Corten steel claddings as well. With proper maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs down the line.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for maintaining your Corten steel claddings:

Start by Identifying the Areas to be Cleaned

This is the first and foremost step in maintaining the corten wall cladding. Here, the dirt can be anything including – industrial air chemicals, salt spray, pollutants and contaminants, bird droppings, rain spots, cobwebs, general dust, dirt from the air, etc.

Next, it’s time to Clean

It’s quite easy to remove the dirt from corten steel claddings. All you need to do is simple regular cleaning, just like you would do on other household materials.

  • Moisten a soft cloth with regular white vinegar. Just moisten the cloth. Don’t soak it. The vinegar will help in cleaning and disinfecting the steel without damaging its surface.
  • Wipe the damp cloth over the steel layers using steady and long strokes. It helps to clean the steel sheet while removing smudges and streaks uniformly.
  • Repeat this process until the entire sheet has been cleaned.
  • When done, wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth to absorb any leftover vinegar. It leaves the steel polished and gleaming, free from smudges and rust spots.

While vinegar is sufficient, you can even use specialized Corten steel cleaning agents if needed.

If you require any further assistance on keeping your Corten steel cladding sheets in tip-top shape, get in touch with our friendly customer care team, who will guide you. And, don’t forget to drop us an email or give us a ring, to get custom quotes just for you.

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