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3 Smart Design Tips for Architects and Builders, to Ensure that Your Next Project is a Massive Success

3 Smart Design Tips for Architects and Builders, to Ensure that Your Next Project is a Massive Success

Are you an architect or civil engineer? Then, you would probably be aware that the biggest challenge you face in a project – is not designing a stunning home, that meets all your customer expectations, but ensuring that the planned design gets completed on time and stays within budget.

How do you ensure that your design or renovation project proceeds accordingly while avoiding costly errors and potential mistakes?

Worry not! Today’s post is all for you. Here, at SlateSkin, we work with a large number of architects and builders. That’s why we have put some design tips that will help you plan smarter so that you avoid expensive mistakes later on.

1. Sweat the Small Stuff – The Devil is in the Details

It may sound cliché, but this one is true. While your client (the homeowner) may be focused on the big picture, as an architect or builder – you have to sort out all the details – including the smallest ones.

Ensure that you choose the right materials for the job, so that you don’t overshoot your budget. For instance, natural stone is quite expensive. Instead, of natural stone slabs, you can opt for thin, flexible stone veneers that offer a wide range of benefits.

If your design blueprint has stone cladding, stone accent walls, and other such features, then your expenses shoot up drastically. Additionally, natural stone is a difficult material to work with. And, you need to employ expert masons and work on the project for several days, all of which increase your project costs.

To avoid this trouble, you can use our wide range of natural stone veneers manufactured by SlateSkin. Our products replicate the stunning beauty of natural stone and offer several other benefits like – quicker to install, cost-savings on labour and materials, durability, wide range of choices and more.

Another huge benefit of working with thin stone veneers is that they are easier to repair and fix problems. For instance, if you find that a few pieces of a natural stone wall are broken or chipped, you have to take down the entire wall. On the other hand, with flexible thin stone veneer, you can just remove the problem pieces without disturbing the rest of the wall.

2. Polish Your Communication Skills

Very often, the main cause for a majority of architectural and design mistakes are not mistakes – but doing something that the client doesn’t want. As an architect or builder, it’s essential that you work on your communication skills.

Make sure that you are able to communicate your ideas and plans clearly with your clients, even if they don’t understand the technical details. Traditionally architects used floor plan maps and other drawings to showcase the proposed building plan. Even the most meticulously drawn floor plan, doesn’t showcase the personality and character of a building.

Instead of just relying on these plans, architects can use modern tools like AR and VR, 3D maps to provide a realistic visualization of the final plan. This way, the client can see the proposed outcome and decide what they like about it and what they don’t like about it.

3. Take Control and Leadership of the Project

The best architects are also efficient leaders. They are able to take control of the project and ensure that everything is on track. As an architect, it’s natural that you want to meet your client expectations. The result – you accept unrealistic schedules, which cause you to rush tasks. Rushing and hurrying projects is a sure-fire way to make expensive mistakes.

Architects don’t just liaison with clients, but also work with contractors, labourers, craftsmen, and others. This means as an architect you have to ensure that the entire team knows your vision and executes the project in the right way.

Rely on SlateSkin for Your Next Home Design Project

As SlateSkin, we work closely with builders, architects, and interior designers to help you plan home design projects. Our range of thin stone veneers isn’t just aesthetically beautiful, but they are also sustainable, eco-friendly, easy to install, highly durable, affordable and require minimal maintenance.

The next time, you take on a home renovation or design project - make use of the three tips listed here to stay on budget, while exceeding your client expectations. And, reach out to our sales team here at SlateSkin for all your thin stone veneer needs.You can also contact translucent slate veneer suppliers in India.

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