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Give your Home a Brand New Look with Designer Exterior Stone Veneer Panel Sidings from SlateSkin

Give your Home a Brand New Look with Designer Exterior Stone Veneer Panel Sidings from SlateSkin

Making the correct choice for your dream home or project can be confusing and stressful. Choosing the right materials to use in the construction of your dream home is indeed stressful and overwhelming.

Here, we simplify one choice for you: Deciding the right materials for your home’s exteriors.

Stone veneer panels, especially translucent stone veneer sheets are one of the top trending options right now. It's highly recommended by leading architects and home designers. From individual homes to big apartments, restaurants to shopping malls, stone veneers have made its mark. The rise in popularity of this versatile material has made it a highly sought-after choice for exteriors too.

When it comes to stone veneer products, you have so many options to choose from - 2mm stone veneer, 1mm super flexible stone veneer, translucent stone veneer.

What is the reason for the rise in popularity of stone veneer panels siding in India? Let's look into some of them, and this would also answer the question of why choose Stone veneer?

Easy to handle

Stone veneers are easy to handle. They are lightweight compared to other options available in the market. This is one of the main reasons to attract Indian market. With quick delivery, here at Slateskin, we deliver your preferred stone veneer sheets right at your doorstep.

Easy to install

The process of installing stone veneers is a piece of cake. They can be fitted right on the surface. From drywall to concrete surfaces, wooden to metal surfaces, stone veneers fit all materials perfectly. You just need simple adhesives to install stone veneers. We provide sizing and installation support.

Maintains color

Stone veneers are resistant to color fading. Additionally, a surface or chip that does occur will reveal the same rock beneath it. So scratches and chips are not easily noticeable.

Natural stone like features

The stone veneers come in wide selection range as mentioned above. In a country of six million population, we stock an extensive range of stone veneer sheets to attract all types of customers. Stone veneers come in many designs, textures, shapes, and colors.

Lends an Attractive and Gorgeous look to your home or project

Everyone wants their home or projects to be attractive and beautiful. The stone veneers give a “feel good” factor. Translucent stone veneers create an eye-catching and elegant look wherever it's fixed.


Stone veneers are not only chosen for its looks and attractiveness but also due to its functionality. It acts as a wall between external and interiors of the house, thereby keeping the room warm.


Interior and exterior applications work very well. It doesn't need a footing or support ledge that requires anchoring. Instead, it is directly adhered to the surface, making it ideal for remodeling projects.


It can be custom-cut for the thickness and face size that you want. And with the consistency in the manufacturing process, you will not be sacrificing look or quality!

Stone veneers don’t need painting

Painting walls are time-consuming and stressful. Stone veneers don’t need painting, so automatically you can save money.


Stone veneers are cost effective. They are significantly lower in price compared to other building materials and are also durable. So you don't have to change it too often.


Stone veneers are weather resistant. They are made of materials that are weather resistant. They are resistant to sun and moisture. There is no need to replace them occasionally. This makes it suitable for fireplaces, bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors.

Low to zero maintenance

Stone veneers can be cleaned by just pressure washing. You can use a soft cloth and mild cleaners to clean the stone veneers. You can seal your stone veneers for a fresh look for a long time.

Improves with age

The beauty of stone veneers is that they get better with age like wine. With wear and tear, stone veneers and floors will look prettier and unique. Stone veneers have grown in popularity in the last few years. Indian customers warmly welcome the versatile features of stone veneers. With years of experience, we studied the needs of Indian customers.

We at Slateskin are leading opaque and translucent stone veneer suppliers in India offering products made from natural stone using modern technology. We are proud to state that we offer the widest selection of colors, textures, and designs in the industry. With competitive prices, quick delivery and excellent customer support we ensure maximum satisfaction of customers.

One of the biggest highlights of SlateSkin is that we have no minimum order requirements. You can contact us +9198717320 or mail us in; we will reach within 24 hours. You can also visit us in Ajmer, Rajasthan.