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Introducing Flexible Natural Stone Veneers from Slateskin

Introducing Flexible Natural Stone Veneers from Slateskin

Flexible stone? How is that possible? And natural, too?

We can hear the questions running through your mind. As the leading thin flexible slate stone veneer suppliers in Rajasthan, we can answer all your questions about this innovative new product that is a viral trend, the world over.

What are flexible natural stone veneers, and how are they made?


As the name implies, flexible stone veneers are made using real natural stones. Yes, natural stone slabs are converted into this flexible new avatar.

A thin layer of polyester resin or fiberglass composite backing is attached to a thick layer of the natural stone slab. This resin is then stripped off and left to cure. When the resins are peeled from the natural stone layer, the resins pull along with it a thin layer of stone.

Voila, we’ve got our desired product – flexible stone veneers. Let’s explain this process with an easy-to-understand analogy. Let’s say you stick a piece of sellotape to a painted wall. After some time, you peel the tape from the wall. You can see thin flakes of the paint sticking to the tape, right? This is the principle that is used in the manufacture of thin stone veneers.

Flexible natural stone veneers exhibit the same characteristics of the original stone because they are made from it. It has all the characteristics of natural stone – the colour, unique textures, and finishes. Flexible natural stone veneers can be made from various types of stone like sandstone, slate, schist, etc. However, this process works only with natural stones that are made of layers. It doesn’t work with marble or granite that has a single uniform layer.

What are the Advantages of Flexible Natural Stone Veneer?


It’s eco-friendly

Using natural stone is not only a time-consuming and laborious task, but it is also not very environmentally friendly. This is because natural stone requires plenty of fuel for quarrying, mining, and transportation.

On the other hand, flexible natural stone veneers are extremely lightweight. It’s easier to transport and consumes fewer fuels due to its lightweight. Additionally, large volumes of flexible stone veneers can be packed into small crates. On the contrary, natural stone slabs require larger trucks and moving machinery for moving and handling the raw slabs.

Faster Installation

Installing flexible stone veneers is super easy and quick. All you have to do is cut the sheet to the desired size and then stick it using strong adhesives. This means you don’t require experts for installation. It can be handled on your own if you desire.

Additionally, flexible natural stone veneers can be sealed just like natural stone using wood or stone sealers. Using sealers not only protects the surface of the veneer but also brings out the natural colours of stone.

It’s Pocket-friendly

This is one of the biggest benefits of using flexible stone veneers in place of natural stone. It’s extremely pocket-friendly and costs just a fraction of the price of natural stone.

Applications of Flexible Natural Stone Veneers: Where can it be used?


Since flexible natural stone veneers are extremely flexible, they can be used anywhere – walls, floors, ceilings, curved surfaces, showers, bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, window sills, entryways, pillars, columns, doors, cabinet fronts, etc.

Flexible natural stone veneers are waterproof, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as areas prone to moisture like bathrooms and kitchens.

Highlights of Flexible Natural Stone Veneers

  • Versatility – it can be installed anywhere.
  • Flexibility – it can be applied on curved surfaces like columns, pillars, etc.
  • Lightweight but extremely strong and durable.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, from super small to big slabs.
  • The thin nature of the stone makes it easy to handle and reduces shipping costs.
  • Beautiful as well as practical.
  • Enjoy the beauty of natural stone with minimal installation hassles at affordable prices.

At Slateskin, we are the leading thin flexible slate stone veneer suppliers in Rajasthan and we ship our products all over the country. Check out our product gallery for our wide range of flexible natural stone veneers. Get in touch with our team to find out the endless design possibilities that you can create using this versatile product.

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