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Amp up the Glamour Quotient of your Home’s Exterior with Natural Stone Veneers

Amp up the Glamour Quotient of your Home’s Exterior with Natural Stone Veneers

Adding natural stone to your home exterior is a sure-way to add up the Aesthetical Beauty & Value of your Home.

Natural stone veneers are an easy, effective and cost-friendly way to improve your home’s décor. Whether you add these to your interior walls, shelves, front door surrounds or your exterior walls, stone veneers are an excellent choice to boost your home’s looks while increasing resale value.

Take a look at the Benefits of Choosing Natural Stone Veneers for your Home’s Exteriors:

The materials you choose for your home’s exterior go a long way in ensuring the final look of your home. Apart from deciding the aesthetic appeal of your space, the right material ensures that your home’s exterior looks perfect for several years to come, without needing frequent repairs.

For centuries, stone is one of the most popular building materials for home exteriors. Even today, stone remains the first choice for builders. Though stone falls a bit on the higher side, when compared to other materials, it offers various long-term advantages to home owners.

1. Appearance

When it comes to appearance, stone is hands down the best material for your home’s exterior. It suits all styles from rustic and natural to contemporary and modern. Depending on the stone’s texture, colour and finish, you can achieve the desired effect.

Additionally, when you use stone veneers for your home’s exterior it signals permanence and strength. Today, most designers and architects prefer a stone finish for residential homes, as it makes the building stand apart.

Compared to other building materials like bricks, concrete, stone symbolizes elegance, beauty and strength.

2. Versatility

Natural stone veneers are available in a wide range of colours, styles and textures. This means homeowners have an array of options before them. Granite-styled veneers are suitable for homes that are looking to achieve a rustic finish. Limestones are more suitable for traditional-styled homes. On the other hand, eclectic and unfinished stones work well for modern contemporary-styled homes.

3. Durability

Natural stone is one of the most durable building materials known to man. When used as an exterior surface, natural stone withstands extreme weather conditions – be it rain, heat, wind or snow. Also, stone doesn’t fade with time, unlike wood or bricks.

Stone walls are also resistant to insect attacks, unlike wood and timber. Commonly used building materials like wood are prone to damage by moisture. But, not stone. It is extremely water resistant, thereby you need not worry about frequent repairs or replacements. Stone is also fire-proof, thereby reducing damages in the case of an accident.

All these work in favour of natural stone veneers.

4. Eco-friendly

Stone lasts for long, thereby reducing repairs and replacements. You need not worry about harvesting new materials from nature or contributing old materials to landfills. By choosing stone as your primary building material, you’re taking the steps to make your home “eco-friendly” and “green.”

Natural stone is extracted directly from nature and doesn’t have any synthetics that damage the environment.

5. Affordable

There’s a wrong assumption that all stone have a high budget. A big No! While natural stone slabs may fall on the expensive side, natural stone veneers are pocket-friendly. They are available in a wide variety of price ranges that suit different budgets. What more, installation is simple, thereby cutting labour costs.

Final Thoughts – Choosing Stone Veneers for your Home Exteriors is a Smart Move

There’s no doubt that by adding stone veneers to your home’s façade and exteriors, you are creating a look that not only looks pleasing to the eye but comes with a wide variety of other benefits. Simply put, natural stone veneers uplift and enhance your house.

It adds depth to your home, making it stand out from the rest. what more, with natural stone veneers, you can easily add stone to your exteriors, without using it as the prime building material.

Here, at Slate Skin, we manufacture and distribute a wide range of natural stone veneers for homes and commercial buildings. Get in touch with our expert team to know more about this amazing building material for Indian homes.

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