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7 Tell-Tale Signs that Indicate it’s Time for a Home Remodel

7 Tell-Tale Signs that Indicate it’s Time for a Home Remodel

Take a look around your house. Does it feel like you’re still stuck in the 90s? Homes, just like everything else, become outdated. When your home is outdated – it isn’t just the aesthetics that take a hit. The value of your property and functionality also decrease.

There are two main reasons why you need to remodel your existing house:

  • You are bored with the look of your home. It appears tired and worn-out.
  • You find that your home is slowly deteriorating in functionality. Whether it’s leaky taps or periodic repairs, your home needs a refresh.

So, how do you find that it’s time for a remodel? Worry not, here in today’s article; we help you notice the signs that it’s time for renovating your home.

Sign #1: Your Floor Tiles are beginning to Detach/Crack/Chip

This is one of the very first signs that point out that your home is in need of renovation. If you notice that your floor tiles are beginning to detach from the floor, then it indicates that they underlying tile grouting is wearing off.

Rooms like bathrooms and kitchens that see plenty of usages are the first to show these signs. You can either replace the entire flooring of your house or just change the flooring of a few rooms. Replacing flooring is one of the best ways to give your home an updated and refreshing look and feel.

Sign #2: You Spot a Leaky Roof

A leaky roof is one of the surest signs that indicate a home remodel is way overdue. This is one of the most expensive elements of a home renovation. So, make sure that you work out the budget and contact the right contractor who does the job perfectly. The cost of a roof renovation depends on the type of roofing you use, the area of the roof and more.

Sign #3: Your Home feels too Crowded or Desolate

This may not be obvious like the above two signs but is sure to get noticed. Have you felt that your home feels too crowded or empty, of late? If yes, then it’s an indicator that your home needs a refresh. Your family may have expanded and now it feels like there’s no space for everyone without bumping into each other’s things. On the other hand, your kids may have grown up and moved out, making your home feel empty.

Whatever be the situation, instead of a full-scale renovation, you can opt to reorganize your furniture and furnishings to give it an updated look.

Another easy option is to add flexible thin stone veneer accent walls , shelves to make your home look contemporary and updated.

Sign #4: The Paints on your Walls begin to Chip

This is another sure sign that your home is in need of an immediate renovation. Remember that the paint chipping on the walls is just an exterior symptom. There may be several underlying problems like dirt and chemicals accumulating on the walls, mould formation and more.

Before you opt to do an exterior paint job, make sure to spot the underlying issue, so that you tackle it from the roots.

Freshly painted walls, kitchen cabinets, and baseboards can give your home an instant facelift and take years off from your home.

Sign #5: You Spot a Termite Infestation

If you notice pests like termites in your home, then it’s a sure sign you’re in need of immediate home renovation, to avoid further damage to your property.

Sign #6: The Décor looks So 90ish or 80ish

If you feel that your home looks like a garish 90s TV serial, then you need an instant renovation. Updating the décor is one of the easiest and pocket-friendly ways to upgrade your home and give it an instant facelift. Wondering whether you’ll have to update your décor frequently? Well, no if you choose the right materials that never go out of style.

Stone and wood are two materials that are timeless. Opt for flexible thin stone veneers for your interiors and exteriors. One of the biggest draws of stone is that it’s elegant and classy. When you use stone for your interiors, you can be assured that it’ll never go out style. Thin stone veneers are the easiest and most affordable ways to enjoy the benefits of stone, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Sign #7: Your Bathrooms and Kitchens lack Modern Amenities and Functionalities

These are two areas that show age frequently. If using your bathroom or kitchen feels painful and time-consuming, then it’s a sure sign that your home is in need of a renovation.

Final Thoughts

Though these signs are quite obvious, most homeowners fail to take notice. If you spot these signs, then it’s an indicator that your home is deteriorating and is in need of a remodel. Make sure to invest in your home and upgrade it – not just for the aesthetics but also for added functionality and to add value to your home.

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