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Warm or Dark Themes – Which one Works the Best for your Interiors?

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The Best Tips from Top Interior Designers on Choosing the Perfect Colour Palette for your Home

When it comes to interior design, choosing colours are one of the most challenging aspects. While it may seem simple at first sight, it isn’t so. For instance, if you think you could use your favourite colour for the entire home and call it a day, then you’re totally in the dark when it comes to home interiors.

If picking one paint colour is tricky, then how do you choose the right colour themes for your entire home? Do you know which colours work together? And, how do you even start? Should you go with a lighter colour theme or opt for dark, moody ones?

Join us as we guide you on the journey of selecting the right colour themes for your home’s interiors. By the time, you finish reading this article, you would be several steps closer to figuring out the right way to tackle this job at hand.

Tip #1: Note and Identify Rooms that are Visible to one Another

Walk through your house. Find out what rooms are visible to one another. Better still, use your home floor plan to work it out. Note it down.

You may assume that adjoining rooms are only visible. But, as you walk through the house, you’ll notice that you could see a bit farther from a room – down a hall, into a bedroom, a pooja room and so on.

These notes will help you decide on the colour palette for your whole house. Make sure to have these notes at hand, as you navigate the other tips listed below.

Tip #2: Start with the colours for the biggest or most centrally located room

This is most likely to be the living hall or a family room. Decide on the colour for this room. This will serve as the basis for the rest of the house. For instance, if you choose brown for this room, then keep the rest of the house in similar colours – red, rust, brick and other earthy tones.

And, if picking colours ain’t your cup of tea, then start with a neutral and light shade for the main room. This will make choosing the rest of colours quite easy. And, there’s no going wrong with beige or white.

Tip #3: Or Decide on the Colour for the Room that you Want to be Bold

Ok, if you’ve got a particular shade that you want to include in your house, then you can start from there. For instance, if you love lavender and you want it for your bedroom, then start with this colour. Keep the rest of the rooms in a similar shade, but lighter, to make them all work together.

Tip #4: Build the Rest of the Palette with the Same Hue

Once you have picked the primary colour for the main room, then use a similar shade or hue for adjacent rooms and interconnecting walls. The benefit of this approach is that it gives your home depth and you can be assured that all these colours will work together.

Tip #5: Use different Colours for Upstairs and Downstairs

If you have two or more floors in your home, then you can easily create a different interior style for each floor. For instance, if you have opted for a warm theme for the lower floors, then you can go for a dark theme for the upper floors to set a different mood.

Tip #6: Keep Connecting Spaces Neutral

When it comes to hallways, corridors and landings, less is more. Grey, beige, white, greige make for great choices for these spaces.

Alternatively, if you have opted for subtler shades for the main rooms, then you can try experimenting with different colours in your connecting spaces. It needn’t be anything very radical. Just go for a couple of shades darker or lighter to your main colours to create an impact.

Tip #7: Make sure to test your Palette before Using it

Paint your chosen colours on a cardboard to see it all looks together. Does one colour stand out or feel out of place? Experiment till you nail it right.

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