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5 Unique Ways to Include Natural Stone Veneers in Your Contemporary Home Design

5 Unique Ways to Include Natural Stone Veneers in Your Contemporary Home Design

If you are looking to design your home in a contemporary style – one that is modern, then the three materials you need to incorporate in your design are – Stone, Steel, and Glass.

Here, in today’s post, we show you how to include natural stone in the design of your modern home.

Natural stone is an ancient building material – which humans have been using to build their homes for centuries. Today, natural stone is available in a modern avatar – that is convenient and easy to use. Presenting you natural stone veneer slabs. Elegant and long-lasting, natural stone veneers offer a contemporary, yet sophisticated touch to your homes.

Here are a few popular ways to incorporate natural stone in your modern or contemporary style homes.

#1: Use for Exterior Stone Profiles

Natural stone veneers can be used for the exteriors of your home. It can be stacked in uniform patterns or in random. The great texture and smooth design create a strong dynamic to your home’s exteriors. Whether your home is an individual bungalow, or high-rise apartment, using natural stone veneer for the exteriors adds a distinct modernist touch to the entire building.

Our 2mm stone veneer slabs offer a striking appearance to your exteriors. You can also use it around exterior entryways or as a façade feature.

#2: Use Stone Veneers to highlight Unique Elements in your Design

One of the biggest benefits of stone veneer is its texture. And, the texture is a great way to entice the onlooker’s eye and to hold interest. Natural stone veneers are eye-catching and attractive. They types of cuts, natural patterns in the stone and the colour profiles – all create lines that make it easy for the eyes to follow.

Natural stone veneers can be used to accentuate a unique element of your design – like a landscaping feature or to draw the eye from one element to another.

This technique can be used to highlight entryways. Apart from doors, you can also use natural stone veneers in conjunction with picturesque French windows.

#3: Use Natural Stone Veneers for your Gardens and Outdoor Patios

Natural stone veneers are highly weather resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can use them to highlight pathways in your garden and to give a unique modernist touch to your outdoor verandahs and patios.

More stable and less maintenance than pebbles and much, natural stone veneers create a stylized woodland feel in your outdoor gardens.

#4: Create an Interior Stone Accent Wall

Building an interior accent or feature wall is one of the most popular uses of our stone veneers. You can create a floor-to-ceiling wall in a hallway or entry area to create a breathtaking effect in your drawing room.

Alternatively, you can create a small accent wall in your bedrooms and kids’ room to create a spa-inspired detail that relaxes and rejuvenates.

#5: Use it in Bathrooms

Today, bathrooms are no longer a mere functional space. It has morphed into a zone of well-being and relaxation. By using natural stone veneers as vanity countertops and to line shower enclosures, you create a spa-like bathroom.

Natural Stone Veneer – The Perfect Choice for Modern Homes

Natural stone veneers add sophistication, elegance, and beauty to your home design. Authentic and made with natural materials, it’s highly sustainable. It makes a bold statement in your home design, that is modern and contemporary while being timeless and classic.

It’s the best of both worlds. Here, at SlateSkin we distribute high-quality natural stone veneer in India for residential as well as commercial applications. We are one of the best stone veneer suppliers in India. To know more about our products, check out our gallery or
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