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How to select the right stone veneer for any application?

Slateskin’s Guide on How to Select the Right Stone Veneer for Any Application

A stone finish lends a classic look to your home. It is an ideal choice as stone lasts for years to come and never goes out of style. Contrary to popular belief, stone veneer is not just used for exteriors, but it is a great choice for interiors too.

Like we often say, when it comes to designs, there is no right or wrong. It all depends on your creativity and the practicality of the material. With that said, you have to choose the right stone veneers to suit your interiors and exteriors.

Selecting the right stone veneer for your home is indeed a challenging task. With a large range of stone veneers, you must feel overwhelmed in choosing the right stone veneer for the right application.

Choosing the right stone veneer is important as different categories of stone veneers have their own pros. Each of them is an ideal choice for each application.

If you are planning to buy stone veneer for your home, you are in the right place. This is the perfect guide to help you select the right stone veneer for any application. Let’s get started.

Step 1: See It in Person

This would be our first suggestion, see it and experience it. You can get in contact with us to view our range of collections; we will reach you in 24 hours. We have a wide range of collections in 2MM stone veneer, 1MM super flexible stone Veneer and translucent stone veneer. Once you have seen our stone veneer panels, you would get a clear idea about its pros and cons. After that, you can style it to suit your specific project.

Step 2: Consider Texture and Shade

Always remember that a stone veneer wall is the point of focus. The color and texture of stone veneer must be pleasing to the viewer's eyes and aesthetically fit with the rest of your house décor. The stone veneer is available in a wide range, with a different texture, numerous cuts, and colors. You can choose either the 2MM stone veneer or translucent stone veneer which has many applications.

For example, if you are choosing stone veneer for the bathroom you can choose 2MM stone Veneer, it's easy to work with, water and weather-proof and has high strength and durability. It is also an ideal choice for corridors, lighting, doors, ceilings, floors, furniture, pillars, columns, banisters, exterior claddings, and many more.

If you are looking for dining room you can opt for translucent stone veneers, it has fiberglass backing, harder and stronger than regular tiles due to reinforcing with polyester resin; light effects can be created by using warm or cold light sources. Some of the other applications of translucent stone veneer are entryways and corridors, shelves, foundations, accent walls, TV surrounds, and much more.

Grout Selection and Installation Process

Selecting the right stone is important, but selecting the right grout is also as important. The grout fills the space between the stone, the color you opt for the grout will further enhance the character of the stone wall.

If you want the grout to be not highly noticeable, select a grout that is similar to the stone. Stone veneer can add refined detail to any interior, so it's important to study their installation process. Choosing the right installation process can bring a sleek look to walls or any other application.

It’s essential that you have a basic understanding of what is stone veneer and how it performs, so that you can choose the right product with ease. You can visit us to see our previous successful projects and also get expert design advice.

Step 4: Plan in Advance

Good stones take time to be prepared and also your choice of stone veneer must be available. If you are interested in a particular texture or pattern, make sure to order it or pre-book it. Ordering the material in advance make sure that the project is not delayed and you run up with unexpected costs. It is always best to avoid a last-minute run.

Step 5: Plan for Waste

Nothing is free right, if you order extra, you may have budget issues, and if you order the exact quantity you may face shortage this can delay the work. It is always better to calculate 10-15% wastage, to make sure the project is not delayed or either you spend more on the project. Ordering an extra amount of stone veneer is always better, as it would be easy to work on it. You can repurpose the leftover bits for décor items around the house like planters, garden paths, vase linings, etc.

Step 6: Use Your Team

Always consider expert advice, to make sure you don’t make any mistakes while selecting the stone veneers or during installation. We have self-adhesive: peel and stick, range of stone veneer products that make installation super easy, while also giving a professional touch. Remember, you can always reach out to us for any queries regarding your stone veneer project.

Step 7: Remember it’s Your Project

There are more stone options now more than ever before: 1MM stone veneers, 2MM stone veneer, translucent stone veneer. You will receive unsolicited opinions, and you can spend forever going through Pinterest and looking for what other people have done. Remember this is about you and what you want. You have a budget, vision, and a reason for doing it and other people have their own. Avoid unrealistic expectations and select a stone veneer product that you love.

Selecting a stone veneer can be a fun and exciting part of renovating or building a home for you. There are many things to consider, hope these 7 steps help you.

We at Slateskin make sure that the customer is satisfied. The widest range of products, quick delivery, excellent customer support, competitive pricing, installation, and sizing support make us your ideal project partner.

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