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8 Reasons to Use Natural Stone Wall Claddings for your Home

8 Reasons to Use Natural Stone Claddings from Stone Veneer wall covering suppliers in India

Stone Cladding is a very popular cladding material which gives a very natural and rustic look to the building. Stone cladding can be made from any of the popular natural stones like slate, granite, sandstone, and marble. Stone slabs are cut into smaller slabs of uniform thickness to make wall claddings.

One of the biggest draws of natural stone cladding is that it’s easy and simple to install. It’s mainly used in landscaping, pillars, columns, patios, and other exterior architectural elements. It adds a feeling of warmth to the walls.

Another benefit of stone wall claddings is that it’s not merely aesthetical but adds to the security of your home, protecting it from harsh weather conditions. Thanks to advances in stone wall cladding manufacturing, today, it’s readily available and has emerged as a cost-effective choice. With drops in the prices of natural stone slabs, stone wall claddings have emerged as the right choice for all budgets.

If you are looking for stone veneer wall covering suppliers in india or are confused about why to choose the natural stone, you are in the right place. The article is about the benefits of using natural stone wall cladding. If you have already made the choice, this guide will help to get to know more about the benefits of this versatile building material.

#1: Add a Natural Zen Vibe to your Home

When you are in contact with nature, you will feel more relaxed and feel a positive vibe all around the house. Natural stones changes with nature, giving it a more natural and unique look to the home. You will notice the uniqueness in the style of patterns, texture, and colours. Apart from physical appearance, natural stone boosts the creativity, calmness, and inspiration – adding a Zen vibe to your interiors.

#2: Increase the Resale Value of your Property

Natural stone has the superpower to provide a classic and modern look to the home and who doesn’t love both. These will increase the value of the property if you wish to sell. With time the strength, durability, and versatility of the natural stone increase making it more attractive when you put the house on the market. You can demand the value that is your mind. People would be attracted to the property a lot more.

#3: The Durability of the Natural Stone is Incomparable to other Common Building Materials

Stonewall cladding is incredibly durable, which is particularly important when installing for exteriors. Stone wall claddings do not break or chip easily, and can withstand even extreme weather conditions.

It requires very little maintenance. In fact, stone wall panels are one of the few materials that improve over time. Another great characteristic of this walling finish is that it is fire-resistant. This is a great benefit for people living in zones that are prone to accidental fires like forest fires.

#4: No installation worries

One of the main benefits of using natural stone wall cladding is the ease of installation. All that you need is a strong and structurally sound wall – the installation is super quick and not labour intensive. Stonewall claddings come in pre-cut sizes. All you have to do is assemble them in place and use the right substrate to fix them to walls.

Additionally, modern stone wall claddings have interlocking patterns that help you assemble them super quickly.

#5: Gives a Timeless and Classic Look to your Property

Unlike other natural stones, stone wall claddings are highly versatile. They can fit into any space, whether it’s the exterior or the interior.

  • Internally, the wall cladding material is perfect fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, and accent walls. It can also be used to create a visual division between two adjoining rooms.
  • Externally, stone wall panels add a unique aesthetical feel to the structure of the building. You can add stone wall claddings on outdoor patios, sit-outs, verandas, boundary walls, columns, pillars, pathways, and more.

Since stone wall claddings are highly versatile, you can use them, however you want.

#6: Protection from weather conditions

Natural stones have abilities to withstand heavy weather conditions. Irrespective of whether it is extremely cold or hot, natural stone will withstand all unfavourable conditions. If you are opting for natural stone for exterior, you will protect the building from heating, frost damages, and torrential rains. If natural stone is your interior choice, it will act as insulation from cold, humidity, and heat.

#7: Stonewall cladding is easy to maintain

Natural stone is sturdy and not porous. So you don’t have to worry about stains or breakage. All you need to clean them with a damp, wet cloth. You can use a mild detergent to clean the stones. With less maintenance, you are saving a lot of money. Sometimes all you need plain water to clean the natural stone.

#8: It’s an Eco-friendly Choice

Stonewall claddings are made with natural materials like limestone, marble, slate, granite, sandstone, etc. All stones are eco-friendly and are approved by LEED. Additionally, when you choose stones that are locally sourced, you reduce the overall carbon footprint of the material.

Wrapping Up: Stone Wall Claddings are universally Applicable for a Range Of Exterior & Interior Wall Cladding Applications

The application of natural stone in a home is plenty. You can use it extensively for your exteriors as well as interiors. It lends a timeless charm to the space. For high-quality natural stone wall claddings at affordable prices, get in touch with team Slateskin.