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Give Your Interiors a Brand New Identity with Stone-effect Wallpapers

Give Your Interiors a Brand New Identity with Stone-effect Wallpapers

The latest entrant in the world of wallpapers is Stone Wallpaper. What does it mean? Will this style of wallpaper suit my home? Find the answers to all your queries right here.

Stone-effect Wallpapers:

Faux effect wallpapers are the biggest interior trend of 2019. Available in a wide array of eye-catching textures, colours, and patterns, they are the perfect choice for an interior redesign, that doesn’t break your wallet.

Are you looking for an interior redesign that doesn’t cost a fortune? Want a simple home redecorating project that gets completed in a short time, without much fuss?

Adding natural stone wallpaper that looks stone is the perfect choice for you. It ticks all your requirements:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Above all, adds a new dimension to your rooms with minimal effort

This is why faux stone wallpapers are the focus in today’s article. Let’s get started.

What is the Faux Effect?

The faux effect, in interior parlance, refers to mimicking the appearance of natural elements like stones, brick, concrete, metallic and even wood. Faux effect wallpapers are just what they sound. It is regular wallpaper that mimics the appearance of natural décor elements realistically. For instance, slate stone wallpaper appears just like slate stone slabs. By sticking faux effect wallpaper on your walls, you replicate the appearance of a natural material for a fraction of the cost.

What are the Available Faux Effects in Wallpapers?

Thanks to advances in printing technologies, you can find a broad range of faux effect wallpapers. Some of the popular choices include:

  • Natural stone styled wallpapers
  • Rustic wood styled wallpapers
  • Brick effect wallpapers
  • 3D stone wallpapers

Other rare choices included – paneled beadboard, velvet, fur, and even silk effects.

Why use Stone-effect Wallpapers in Your Home?

1. Enhance your Walls while Saving Time and Money

In ancient times, silk tapestries were hung on walls as a status symbol. Even today, you can find several contemporary designer studios flaunting distressed brick and industrial style walls. The reason for this trend is that – plain painted walls are considered mundane and functional. People want to add something on their walls to add character and dimension to their rooms.

With that said, using natural stone or wood on walls is a time-consuming and costly affair. The best alternative is to use stone-effect wallpapers that add the desired effect to your walls in a jiffy.

2. It’s Easy to Maintain and Functional

This is another huge reason why homeowners prefer stone wallpapers. Using natural stone in your home is high maintenance. For instance, marble is a popular natural stone. However, it is porous meaning it gets stained easily.

On the other hand, marble wallpaper gives you the appearance of real marble slabs without time-consuming maintenance.

3D printed stone wallpapers even replicate the texture of natural stone slabs, making it appear as realistic as possible.

Additionally, faux wallpapers made of durable materials like vinyl don’t tear or warp. They are moisture-resistant making overall maintenance a breeze. If you accidentally stain your walls, you can quickly wipe away stains with a damp cloth, without having to worry about the underlying material.

Add a New Look to Your Walls with Stone-effect Wallpapers

Ready for an interior makeover? Get in touch with us to pick the right stone-effect wallpaper that fits your interior style.