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Thin Stone Veneers Vs. Full Stone Veneers – Which Ones to Choose?

Thin Stone Veneers Vs. Full Stone Veneers – Which Ones to Choose?

Stone veneers open up a world of opportunities for homeowners and business owners, looking to enhance their property. While both thin stone and full stone veneers are great products, very often, we are asked the question, “Which one should I pick?”

Here, in this post, we give you the differences between both these types of veneers, while checking out their pros and cons. This helps you pick the right one for your home renovation project.

What are Full Stone Veneers?

As the name implies, these are thick stone veneers, usually with a thickness ranging from 4” and more. With the increase in thickness, full stone veneers are heavier compared to thin stone veneers. The cost of full stone veneers depends on the type of rock it’s extracted from. For instance, granite full stone veneers have a higher density compared to full stone veneers made from sandstone.

Before choosing full stone veneers for your home renovation project, make sure to consult an expert to help you estimate the overall cost of the project.

What are Thin Stone Veneers?

As the name suggests, thin stone veneers are cut much thinner compared to full stone veneers. They are extremely sleek and slim. They are lightweight and are generally easier to work with. Full stone veneers are difficult to work with, especially in smaller areas. On the other hand, thin stone veneers can be easily cut, making them a great choice for areas of all sizes.

Thin stone veneers were introduced just a few years ago, and have grown to be extremely popular in a short time. Advancements in modern blade technology is one of the reasons for the immense growth of thin stone veneers.

Just like full stone veneers, thin stone veneers are made from different types of stone. You can choose from a range of colours, textures depending on your tastes and preferences.

Thin stone veneers are easy to work with. Meaning, the installation is completed quickly and is quite affordable. Compared to full stone veneers, thin stone veneers reduce the overall cost of the project, since labour and installation costs are cheaper.

Full Stone Veneers Pros:

  • Appearance

Since they are thick, they add depth and dimension to the project, adding to the overall beauty and appearance.

  • Durability

Thin stone veneers are really strong materials that last for a long time. They are highly durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions and wear and tear, making them a great option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Full Stone Veneer Cons:

  • Expensive

As mentioned above, full stone veneers are heavier. They don’t just increase the initial cost, but also installation and labour costs are also steep.

Full stone veneers are difficult to work with and cut and shape, making them unsuitable for small areas.

Thin Stone Veneer Pros:

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Thin stone veneers enhance the aesthetic appearance of the room. Since they are affordable, you can line an entire wall with thin stone veneers, thereby giving the appearance that the structure is entirely made of stone.

  • Ranges of options

Thin stone veneers are available in a wide range of colours and sizes, making them a versatile option for all applications.

  • Flexibility

Working with thin stone veneers is a breeze. From lining accent walls to pillars and columns, thin stone veneers are highly flexible.

  • Lightweight

Thin stone veneers are extremely thin, and some styles have a thickness of just 1”. Cutting, trimming and fixing is easy due to its lightweight.

  • Pocket-friendly

Thin stone veneers are cheaper compared to full stone veneers, thereby suiting all budgets.

Which One Should I Choose?

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of both stone veneer types, you can decide on the right one that suits your specific requirements.

To simplify your decision making, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Where is the project located?
  • What about the structural ability? Are there any weight restrictions?
  • What is the budget?

Hopefully, this guide helps you choose the right type of flexible stone veneers for your home improvement project.

Where to Buy Thin Stone Veneers?

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