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Thin Stone Veneers – Certainly, Worth the Investment!

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Add SlateSkin Thin Stone Veneers to your Property & Impress your Guests

You would have come across stone veneers at posh restaurants, luxurious malls, and romantic resorts. We’re pretty sure, that you would have gazed at it admiringly, even run your fingers over the smooth surface of the stone, only to remind yourself, “well, I wish I could have a similar stone wall at home – the only catch, it’s so expensive.”

A big No! Very often, people falsely assume that stone veneers are so expensive. In fact, the truth cannot be farther from that. Only when you explore the other options, you understand that thin stone veneers are cheaper compared to the alternatives and what more, it’s a worthwhile investment for your home.

Stone veneers are as durable as natural stone, the most robust building materials on the planet. But, the biggest draw, they’re available for a fraction of the cost of natural stone slabs. While the initial price of thin stone veneers is a bit higher than other synthetic materials like porcelain tiles, etc. they often last longer than other materials.

Additionally, any building be it a home or a commercial complex when adorned with thin stone veneers sees a sharp increase in the price of the property.

By increasing the resale value of your property, stone veneers are indeed an investment and not an expense.

What more, thin stone veneers require minimal maintenance and are not prone to repairs. They outlast other similar applications, meaning you don’t have to be worried about repair costs in the future. Thin stone veneers never lose out on their shine, gloss or colour, indicating the walls lined with this material retain their “new” look for years to come.

Here are a few ideas for Thin Stone Veneer Application
  • Exterior Siding

If you’re looking to renovate the exteriors of your house or retail outlet, then thin stone veneers are an excellent choice. You can use it to line your exterior walls either partially or wholly. It adds to the overall aesthetic look and feel of your building while providing durability. Thin stone veneers aren’t affected by extreme weather conditions, be it rain, wind, heat or snow. This means the outside of your house will remain looking new forever.

  • Backyard Oasis

If you have an outdoor patio, that you use to entertain friends and family, then thin stone veneers are a great option to use here. Available in earthy shades, you can find a range of thin stone veneers that complement the theme of your outdoor entertainment space.

Apart from patios, thin stone veneers can also be used for the walkways around your pool for an appealing and unique look.

  • Interior Accent Walls

More and more customers are using thin stone veneers for lining accent walls. These walls are special zones in living rooms, bedrooms and other interior areas. By using thin stone veneers for accent walls, you can make these the focal point of your room.

With the full range of colours and styles, you can easily choose veneers to match the decor of your place.

  • Bathrooms

Ever fancied a natural-styled shower? Line the walls of your bathroom with water-proof thin stone veneers to give your bathroom an instant makeover. Now, you can have a spa-style bath and enjoy a relaxing soak in your tub, in calm, soothing space thanks to thin stone veneers.

  • Other Miscellaneous Projects

Don’t overlook using thin stone veneers for other miscellaneous projects that don’t cost much but add tons of curb appeal to your space. Lining walkways, corridors, the sides of steps, kitchen islands, kitchen backsplashes, basements, garages or any other area is a great way to instantly uplift the mood of your interiors without breaking the bank.

Add the “Wow” factor to your Home with Thin Stone Veneers

Thin stone veneers are made from natural stone and are seeing a massive expansion in popularity right now. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that it’s too expensive. Instead, get in touch with us to find the right style thin stone veneer for your project at pocket-friendly prices.

Finally, remember that “Thin stone veneer is not an expenditure, but rather an Investment.”