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Thin Stone Veneers – Which Style Is Right for My Project?

Thin Stone Veneers Which Style Is Right for My Project?

No matter what type of thin stone veneer you select, it will bring style and extraordinary finish to your projects, irrespective of whether the veneers are used for commercial or personal projects.

Made from the finest stone and obtained from the finest quarries, they are available in a wide range of colors, styles, textures. They would meet all your design requirements. Engineers, designers, architects select our stone veneer as their trusted choice for beauty, quality, and lasting performance.

With a wide range of choices, it must be difficult for you to select the right one that is a perfect match for your project requirements. If you are confused about which style is ideal for your project, we are here to help.

In this guide, we will help you to choose thin veneer, which is the best match for your project.


It’s important to be completely aware of the material you are going to invest on. You can do your research from popular home magazines, e-magazines, or even your neighbourhood hardware store can be a great research guide.

Have a conversion with people who just renovated or built similar projects. Take a picture of the stone veneer and the entire setup if you find anything interesting. Try to find which stone veneer is used? Whether it is thin stone veneer?

If you don't properly investigate, it would be difficult to develop the plan you have. Here, at Slateskin, we offer a gallery to view our range of products. Or you can get in touch with our customer care team who can help you out with all your queries regarding the product.

Finding the right choice

When you are investigating, you will come across a lot of options that look similar to your style. Once you shortlist your favorite options, who have to keep in mind the design, shape, colour that would be perfect for you. Here’s how you can refine the shortlist:

  • Design: When you choose the design, you must identify which style you prefer - traditional, modern, or neutral? If you are not sure, make sure to get a copy of our complete product brochure in PDF format. You can drop us a mail at
  • Shape: Rectangle, oval, liner, or irregular shape you must be able exactly to know what you need. You can also combine two shapes.
  • Colours: The colour is the first thing people notice when you choose a stone veneer. It should go with the entire theme of your project. Monochromatic, complementary or adjacent shade the call is yours. We have a wide range of color palette, which would help you to choose your style.

Websites, catalogs, samples

Once you’re able to select your style of thin stone veneer, it is important to find it. Ask for catalogs and samples from various stores. Find which store has the thin stone veneer you are looking for at an affordable price and good quality. Visit the official websites and get to know more about your preferred product, the seller, their customer satisfaction levels, and their experience in the field of thin stone veneers.

Never feel shy asking for samples or catalogs. Only with detailed analyses, you can choose the right stone veneer.

Get in Touch with the Dealer

If you find the thin stone veneer you are looking for make sure that you talk with the dealer before placing your order. Make sure you clear the doubt in the following details.

  • Delivery time: Make sure that the time you expect the stone veneer delivered is okay. Give the dealer the ideal time needed for delivering. If the product is delivered late, it can affect the completion time of the project. You can trust Slate Skin for the fast delivery of stone veneer.
  • Minimum Quantity: to be ordered: Nothing is free right, if you order extra you may have budget issues, and if you order the exact quantity you may face shortage this can delay the work. It is always better to calculate 10-15% wastage, to make sure the project is not delayed or either you spend more on the project. Ordering an extra stone veneer is always better, as it would be easy to work on it.
  • Plan in advance: Your choice of stone veneer must be available. If you are interested in texture or pattern, make sure pre-book it. It makes sure that the project is not delayed and unexpected costs. It is always best to avoid a last-minute run.

We at Slateskin have experts to help you, and you can also visit our FAQ session to get a better idea.

Talk with your team

Once you have the dealer and cleared your doubts, talk with your team for a second opinion. It’s never a mistake to speak with your team before placing the order. You would be definitely able to clear the doubts.

After all the discussions you would be able to choose the right stone veneer for your project, which exactly goes with your style. Trust us for a unique style of designs and texture. You can visit our online website anytime. You can get in touch with us by clicking here.