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Tips for Adding a Rustic Touch to Your Interiors

How to Add Rustic Touch to Your Interiors with Natural Stone

Several new home interior trends and innovations come and go. But, you would have heard the saying, “Old is Gold.” There’s something timeless, elegant and sophisticated about “Rustic Interior style” for a home. Cosy, warm and inviting, a rustic theme is sure to make your “house” feel like a “home.”

The best way to bring the charm of country life to your home is by incorporating rustic elements to your interiors. Rusticity can be best defined as the combination of fantastic raw materials combined with home comforts to create a charming, welcoming and quirky space, that is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating.

While several interior decoration themes have come and gone, rustic-styled interiors have never gone out of trend. It has stood the test of time.

Here, at Slateskin, we take a look at the different ways you can add rustic touches to your home in 2018. Let’s get started.

Look to Nature for Inspiration

When it comes to design, nothing can beat the magnificence of nature. A rustic home design uses natural materials like stone, wood and more. Try to incorporate these elements into your design and décor to make the rustic décor a reality.

For instance, opting for natural stone floors lends an aura of charm and elegance to your space. When choosing natural stone for floors and walls, you have plenty of options like marble, granite, slate, limestone, terracotta and more.

Go in for Earthy Colours

For a rustic styled interior, opt for muted colours that mimic nature. Warm colours like greens, browns, reds and tans add to the beauty of your space. These colours give the illusion of bringing the outdoors into your home and create a cosy setting for the space.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that rustic equals boring. On the other hand, with a smart use of colours and right design tips, you can create a warm and welcoming space.

Some of the popular colours for a rustic country styled home includes canary yellow, duck egg blue, shades of white and neutral tones like beige and brown. Use white as the base colour and other pastel colours like blue, powder pinks and yellow on top.

For a unique twist on the rustic style, try to add brighter accents in smaller décor and decoration items. For instance, painting kitchen drawers and cabinets in Indian red or burnt orange will create one-of-a-kind look.

Choose Wooden Furniture

Next to stone, wood is one of the best raw materials that makes a great fit for rustic interiors. Wood can be used for everything from coffee tables to faux wooden beams and even chandeliers. Highly durable, easy to maintain and incredibly stylish, wood helps to create a farmhouse-style ambience in your home.

When choosing furniture, opt for pieces that give off an antique vibe rather than a modern vibe. For instance, if you’re shopping for a new bed, look for ones made with twigs and logs and reclaimed wood. When it comes to furnishings, patchwork quilts, bedcovers made of sustainable fibres like jute, cotton are good choices.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to replace all existing furniture to get the rustic look. Instead, what you can do is add accessories and furnishing that give the rustic aura.

Focus on the Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of the rustic ambience. Any lighting you choose for your home should have an earthy look. Try to avoid modern industrial lighting and go in for wooden chandeliers and other fancy fixtures to complete the look.

Recycle, Revamp and Restore

Unlike other interior trends, rustic homes need not be excessively perfect, pristine or polished. Rustic homes are not overdone and are kept as close to nature as possible. This is why, you need to follow this mantra for your home – restore, recycle and revamp.

The idea behind revamping or upcycling is to recognise the hidden value of items that are currently discarded and make them into something better. For instance, you can repurpose an old corner table into a planter and so on.

A huge benefit of recycling is that you’re in complete control over the process and you can customize the furniture to your heart’s content. This helps you to create signature décor elements that reflect your personality and tastes.

Final Thoughts – Rustic doesn’t mean Simple

Very often, people falsely assume that with a rustic style you have to sacrifice on your home comforts. This cannot be further from the truth. Though the design is earthy and simple, your home can have all the features and functionalities that you desire without any compromises.

Follow the tips here to create one-of-a-kind interiors for your home, that will enthral and offer you immense solace. Click here to get in touch with our stone experts to find the right natural stone tiles and flooring options for your home.