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What’s New Is Old: Fireplaces and Stone Veneer History

What’s New Is Old: Fireplaces and Stone Veneer History

Hello readers, we are pretty sure that all of you must have come across stone veneers in someplace or other – hotels, homes, malls – stone veneers are one of the most popular building and décor materials for all places.

Today, we take a look at one recent trend - Fireplaces with stone veneer. It is a trend which is largely accepted by most of the people. Stone veneer is manufactured from a combination of Portland cement, concrete and aggregate molded in rubber casts that capture the texture of real stone. For natural looking grounded, pigments are used.

The fireplace by stone veneer is light in weight than the real stone, this gives the possibility of creating bring the rustic look to the fireplace, and it goes with other places too. Stone veneer is a great option if you want to bring, historical look to the modern house.

Ancient Synthetic Basalt

The New York Times reported in 1998; archaeologist identified slab in southern as an artificial basalt, a decade ago. A team of archaeologist uncovered the findings of ruins in Mashkan-shapiro. It was a Mesopotamian city that existed 4,000 years ago. The city had no basalt quarries.

It was concluded that the real was a scare in Mashkan-Shapiro, but basaltic river silt was plentiful in the city. The team of archaeologist made a theory that the silt was melted and the construction materials were made.

The uses of stone veneer in history

The credit for the invention of concrete goes to the Roman Empire. The concrete was used a supporting material by the Roman Empire, concrete supported stone veneers and attractive bricks in buildings. One of the examples of a building is a very famous Coliseum.

The making of concrete disappeared with the fall of the Roman Empire after 400AD. Later after 1300 years, it reappeared. Thin stone veneer construction was made. It was with real hand-tooled stone. The reappearance was in the 19th century.

In 20 century most of the exterior and interior was made with natural stone veneer. The empire state building is a great example. It an ideal example of heavy limestone over steel and brick.

The new era of stone veneer

The thin stone veneer is welcomed by the current generation. There are various advantages of using stone veneer at home for the current present lifestyle and climate. It is perfect for every condition, whether it is winter or summer stone veneer goes with all. Stone veneer is extremely durable, and each piece is unique. The properties of stone veneer make it a popular choice.

We have a wide range of collections to choose from. Our wide range of collections makes us the leading stone veneer suppliers. The unprecedented style, premium quality, durability, zero maintenance, affordable pricing, easy installation, and much more make it the ideal choice for the present generation.

Natural stone veneer has many options to choose from depending on your style. The types of stone veneer available are

2MM stone veneer

2MM stone veneer is an innovation project that is suitable for all kinds of applications, whether interior or exterior. The total thickness of stone veneer is 2mm thick. Irregular surface and variety of color make every sheet unique. They are extremely flexible and adaptable. Most importantly, they are 100% eco-friendly. Made out of natural stone, with a polymer composite backing, the 2mm Stone Veneer is ultra-light, flexible, yet incredibly strong.

It’s available as sheets that can be easily cut in required sizes, making it simple to install on both large and small surfaces. The beauty of this product is that its flexibility lets you install the product on curved surfaces.

1mm stone veneer

It's another innovative product line within thin stone veneer range. We consider it as a revolutionary product. Our range of stone veneer has easy installation. It has the feature of self-sticking. It is a thin ad cotton fabric. It is the best option for wall or pillars or furniture. It is created by extracting raw materials from actual quarried natural stones like slate, sandstone, and quartzite.

The 1mm ultra-thin stone veneer is known for its flexibility and versatility. It can be applied on any solid surface including – concrete, metal, drywall, wood, bracket board, MDF, tiles, painted surfaces, furniture, and cabinetry.

The 1mm stone veneer has been extensively tested and developed to suit all indoor and outdoor applications. It scores high on functionality, convenience, and aesthetics.

Translucent stone veneer

A stunning value-added product in the range of thin stone veneer, it can be backlit for giving a colorful stunning look. Very lightweight flexible sheets allow the light to pass through the beautiful translucent sheets highlighting the natural beauty of stone further. It can be used with a backlit on any bar, countertops, ceilings, counters, aquariums, and much more.

Available in a wide array of spectacular colors, our translucent range of natural stone veneers deliver the spellbinding beauty and intricate texture of natural stone, combined with the extra magic of translucence.

Our translucent stone veneer sheets are every bit as flexible and versatile as the rest of our range. It provides you with a great degree of design freedom. The transparent backing and the translucence of the stone makes it suitable for a wide range of decorative purposes. Like our other products, translucent stone veneer can be used on any surface, be it flat or fixed. We are the leading translucent stone veneer suppliers in India offering a wide range of choices at affordable prices.

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