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Reasons to Choose Slate Skin for Thin Stone Veneers

Natural Stone Suppliers in India

“Not all natural stone veneers are created equal.” Here are five compelling reasons to choose Slate Skin, as your natural, thin stone veneer supplier.

Slate Skin – Your Go-To Supplier for the Most Stunning Natural Thin Stone Veneers in India

For over twenty-five years, slate skin has demonstrated an undeniable passion for crafting the best stone products in the industry. We don’t just focus on the quality and design, but also ensure that all our products are sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Our stone veneers look just like real stone. We pride ourselves in creating authentic natural stone veneers, which look very real. Believability is at the core of all our products. When you come across Slate Skin products, you can be assured that it looks natural, authentic and above all, simply stunning.

Why Choose Slate Skin?

Reason #1: Authentic Texture

Every piece of thin stone veneer from Slate Skin is made from a special mold that is derived from an actual natural stone slab. Our craftsmen use the most advanced techniques to create thin stone veneers that look just like natural stone. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility can capture the minute textures of natural stone and replicate it beautifully on our veneers.

Reason #2: Vibrant Colours

Slate Skin’s colours are unsurpassed. Each of our products is designed by expert and skilled artisans. We have a wide variety of colours that is not found elsewhere. We use the highest quality mineral oxides to infuse the surface of our stone veneers with rich, authentic tones.

Whether you’re looking for golden hues, russet browns, mossy greens, rust, grey, white, black or more – you can easily find the perfect colour that matches your interiors.

Reason #3: Extensive Choices

Here, at Slate Skin, we have one of the most extensive natural thin stone veneers in India. With a wide variety of colours, textures, and materials, you can easily find the right thin stone veneer for all your projects.

Reason #4: Impeccable Support

Here, at Slate Skin, we pride ourselves on our unmatched customer relationships. All projects are important to us. Whether you’re renovating your tiny kitchen or constructing a multi-storey home, you can be assured that our customer support team provides you with unparalleled assistance and support, every step of the way.

We have an extensive team of customer service agents including – sales representatives, architects, interior designers, construction engineers – to help you choose the right natural thin stone veneer product for your project.

Apart from this, we have an extensive network of national and international dealers, which ensures that you can easily get our products delivered anywhere in the country. Additionally, Slate Skin offers one of the most extensive warranties in the industry, thereby giving you total peace of mind.

Reason #5: Cost Effective

Finally, natural, thin stone veneers from the House of Slate Skin are highly cost-effective. Meaning, you don’t have to spend a fortune on renovating your home. Our products are budget-friendly. We ensure that beautiful homes are now possible, without breaking the bank.

Wrapping it up

We hope these reasons convince you to choose Slate Skin for your next home renovation or construction project. If you aren’t still convinced, give us a call , and our friendly experts will answer all your queries and provide you with the best assistance.

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