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All that you need to know about Corten

All That You Need to Know About Corten from Wall Covering Suppliers in India

If this is the first time, you hear the five-letter word, Corten – no worries. We’ve got you covered. Here, in this guide, we offer all that you need to know about Corten – what is it, its benefits, usage, and more.

So, what is Corten?

To phrase it in simple terms, it’s a special type of steel alloy. It’s made using chromium, copper, and phosphorous. It forms a rust-like appearance when exposed to the weather. The rust-like appearance is not actual rust and doesn’t damage the integrity of corten steel.

When compared to other steel, corten has a unique chemical composition that makes it resistant to atmospheric corrosion. When exposed to natural weather conditions like – rain, humidity, sleet, sun, and snow – corten forms a protective layer on its surface. Though it appears like rust, it’s not corrosion of the steel but an oxidation layer that has a similar colour to rust.

Since Corten is resistant to corrosion and has high tensile strength, it is mainly used for the construction of bridges, containers, vineyard posts, doors and windows, pillars and columns, shipping containers, and other outdoor elements.

Besides these applications, it’s also used for decorative purposes like:

  • Garden furniture
  • Sculpture
  • Rain screen façade and more

One of the most popular applications of Corten Steel is the iconic sculpture – The Angel of the North by Anthony Gormley.

Advantages of Corten:

  • High structural resistance
  • Scores high on aesthetics – the colour of Corten is similar to rust or wood
  • It works for all exterior styles
  • Adds a modern, contemporary vibe to the building
  • 10x times higher resistance to external weather conditions compared to regular steel
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • It’s 100% eco-friendly – since Corten is a natural material it is 100% recyclable

Maintenance of Corten

Unless Corten comes into contact with sea-water, it can easily last for centuries. This is one of the biggest advantages of Corten, making it a popular choice for industrial designers.

The best part – Corten is super easy to maintain. It lasts for years, without displaying any flaws with simple maintenance.

Here’s how to maintain Corten:

  • Moisten a clean cloth with regular white vinegar. Make sure that the cloth is just moist and not soaking wet with vinegar. Wipe the surface of Corten in brisk strokes. The action of vinegar disinfects the surface without damaging its integrity.
  • Wipe the cloth with vinegar in long and steady strokes. Apart from disinfecting it, vinegar also eliminates smudges and streaks.
  • Repeat the entire process until the surface of Corten has been cleaned thoroughly. Once done, wipe it again with a dry cotton cloth. This helps to remove any leftover vinegar solutions, leaving your steel shining.
  • Alternatively, instead of vinegar, you can opt for special cleaning ingredients, as well.

Is Corten Pocket-friendly?

As a leading Corten rust wall covering supplier in India, we are often asked this question. To be honest, Corten comes with a high initial price tag. Many users are put off by this cost. But the truth is, the total lifecycle cost of Corten is highly affordable. The installation and maintenance costs are minimal, so you don’t have to worry about repairs and replacements down the line. Generally speaking, Corten has a similar price range compared to other metal sheets like copper or zinc.

Now, that you’re aware of the benefits of Corten for your buildings, the next big question is,

Where can I find Corten or Copper rust wall covering suppliers in India?

Slate Skin is one of the most trusted suppliers of Corten wall coverings in India. With a wide network of copper, steel, corten, and other metal sheet manufacturers, we help you find the right suppliers for your needs. Give us a ring to know more or get a customized quote for your project.