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2023 Wall Covering Trends from Top Wood Wall Panel Suppliers in India

2023 Wall Covering Trends from Top Wood Wall Panel Suppliers in India

A new year brings fresh trends and exciting developments in the world of interior design. As we step into 2023, wall coverings have taken center stage, offering innovative ways to transform spaces and elevate aesthetics. Slateskin, the best-selling wood wall panel supplier in India, has been at the forefront of these trends, providing cutting-edge designs and superior quality products. In this blog, we'll explore the latest wall covering trends and showcase why staying up-to-date with interior design is essential for creating visually stunning and functional spaces.

2023 Wall Covering Trends

I. Natural and Sustainable Materials


As environmental concerns become increasingly prominent, using eco-friendly materials has become a significant trend in interior design. Natural materials like wood wall panels, offered by top stone veneer wood wall panels suppliers in India like Slateskin, not only reduce our carbon footprint but also create warm and inviting spaces.

Benefits of using eco-friendly materials

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Sustainable and renewable resources

Wood wall panels as a popular choice

Wood wall panels have been gaining popularity as a versatile and sustainable wall covering option. Wall covering suppliers in India have noticed a significant uptick in demand for wood panels that effortlessly blend with various design styles, from rustic to modern.

II. Textured and 3D Wall Panels


Adding depth and dimension to spaces has become a hot trend in 2023. Textured and 3D wall panels offer a tactile experience and can create striking focal points, completely transforming the ambiance of a room.

  • Adding depth and dimension to spaces
  • Creating visual interest and focal points
  • Enhancing the perception of space

Diverse range of designs and patterns available

Wall covering suppliers in India offer a wide variety of textured and 3D wall panel designs, ranging from geometric patterns to nature-inspired motifs, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

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III. Merging Indoor and Outdoor Spaces


Incorporating nature into interior design has become a major trend in 2023, with homeowners and designers striving to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Bringing nature indoors with wall coverings
  • Using natural materials like wood panels and stone veneers
  • Incorporating nature-inspired patterns and designs
  • Enhancing natural lighting with reflective surfaces
  • Using mirrors, metallic finishes, and light colors
  • Maximizing window placement and size for optimal light exposure

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IV. Bold and Vibrant Colors


Embracing bold and vibrant colors in wall coverings has become increasingly popular in 2023, as designers and homeowners alike look for ways to make a statement and express their individuality. Color psychology plays a crucial role in interior design, shaping the ambiance of a space and influencing the emotions of those who inhabit it.

Experimenting with contrasting colors

Contrasting colors can create visual interest and energize a space. By pairing complementary colors, such as warm and cool hues, you can achieve a balanced and harmonious atmosphere. For instance, combining deep blues with warm, earthy oranges can create a striking and sophisticated look.

Combining warm and cool hues

Warm hues, such as reds, yellows, and oranges, evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, while cool hues like blues, greens, and purples can create a sense of calm and tranquillity. Mixing these tones strategically can produce a dynamic and balanced environment. For example, you could use cool blue wood panels on one wall and balance them with warm-toned furnishings and accents.

Mixing bold colors with neutral tones

Pairing bold colors with neutral tones is an effective way to create a visually appealing space without overwhelming the senses. Neutral colors like whites, greys, and beiges provide the perfect canvas for showcasing vibrant wall coverings, like wood panels in vivid hues, allowing them to take center stage.

Influence of color psychology in interior design

Understanding the impact of colors on mood and emotions is essential for creating spaces that align with the desired ambiance and purpose. Different colors can evoke various feelings, so it's crucial to select wall coverings and accents that complement the intended atmosphere.

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To Summarize -

In conclusion, bold and vibrant colors are shaping the interior design landscape in 2023, with an emphasis on color psychology and striking contrasts. By experimenting with different hues and understanding the emotions they evoke, you can create dynamic, visually appealing spaces that resonate with your desired atmosphere.

When choosing wood wall panel coverings, consult with expert wood panel suppliers in India, like Slateskin, to ensure that you're incorporating the latest trends and designs into your projects. Check out our latest range of 2MM Stone Veneers, 1MM Super Flexible Stone Veneers, and our Translucent Stone Veneers for an exclusive makeover to your home decor!

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