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8 Modern Ways to Enhance Your Interior with Wooden Wall Panels

8 Modern Ways to Amp up Your Interior Design with Wooden Wall Panels

Wooden panels were the popular interior choice in the mid-20th century. However, due to changing preferences, they fell out of favour for decades. But, the happy news is that – wooden panels are back with a bang.

Architects, interior designers and homeowners are using wooden panels in myriad creative ways. Sleek geometrical designs, light colours, innovative styling, wooden panels have undergone a massive transformation. Today, they are available in a wide variety of designs perfect for the modern home.

Why use wooden panels for your interiors?

Decorative wooden wall panels are an easy and elegant way to add warmth to your rooms. It lends a comfortable vibe and welcoming feel to the overall décor. If you are looking to make your rooms feel inviting and elegant, wood is an excellent choice. It effortlessly suits all interior design styles – contemporary, traditional, rustic, industrial and transitional.

As top wood panel suppliers in India, our in-house designers share with you eight modern ways to use wooden panels in your home. Read on for design inspiration.

1. Square Panels

When we think of wooden panels, we usually think of horizontal or vertical panels. You can break out of the norm by opting for a continuous grid of square wood panels that span the entire length of the wall. Each square can be detailed and bevelled to give a luxurious look.

The square panels can either be hand-cut by carpenters or machine-cut and assembled on site. However, note that hiring experienced artisans can help you in achieving the elaborate detailing.

2. Sleek Lines

Using narrow wooden panels help you create stylish geometrical designs in your home. If you are looking for a modern style to add to your home, then elegant wooden panels are the right choice. Also, by changing the direction of the wood panels on the walls and ceilings, you can add visual interest to the room. Go for narrow panels on the ceiling and wider panels on the walls or vice versa to add a 3-dimensional look to the interiors.

3. Segmented Spaces

Another modern way to use wooden panels in your home is to use them on just a small portion of the room, instead of the entire room. A narrow area of wooden panels surrounded by white walls helps to make the space appear modern and contemporary. Also, the sudden change in texture generates visual interest making the space pop out.

By using wooden wall panels only on certain parts of the room, you can separate different spaces in rooms that have an open concept.

4. Rustic Chic

Rustic chic is a design style that combines elements of rustic design with modern décor. For instance, you can use reclaimed wooden walls with modern white furnishings to create a sleek and sophisticated look that is contemporary. Another design idea is using wooden panels in the form of a herringbone layout, adding visual interest to the space.

5. Three Dimensional Geometry

Another interesting idea for wood panelling is to go in for a three-dimensional style. You can raise a few panels above the main layout to give a 3-dimensional texture. This style is funky and fits well for homes that tend to achieve modern aesthetics.

The best part – this style is highly customizable. You can opt for large square panels aligned at different heights or go for long, narrow panels. Alternatively, you can use wooden panels of different sizes to create a collage effect.

6. Lighter Colours

If you wish to make your rooms feel airy and bright, opt for wooden panels of lighter colours. Light coloured panels make the space feel more open and big.

7. Wooden Panels for the Entertainment Centre

Another easy way to introduce wooden wall panels in your home is by keeping the wall simple and using wood panelling just behind the wall-mounted TV units. Paint the rest of the walls in a neutral shade and make the panels the focal point of the room.

8. Aesthetics cum Functionality

You can creatively use wooden panels to add to the aesthetics of the room as well as functionality. By adding some cabinets and longboards to the fixed wall panels, you can create shelves that can be used for entertainment centres as well as for displaying prized objects.

The Bottom Line

Contrary to popular belief, wooden panels need not make your rooms feel outdated or tacky. Take inspiration from the design ideas outlined here and make your interiors feel contemporary and modern.

Looking to add classic wooden wall panels in your home? Give us a ring and let us help you choose the right panels that fit your design aesthetics. As the leading wooden wall panel suppliers in India, we have a wide range of wooden panels’ at the most competitive prices on the market.